dijous, de juliol 24, 2003

Stamp Ass

Two months. Too enough. To Live

Dear fellow citizens: The Republic’s official weblog turns 2 months. But there are other reasons to celebrate this date:

I have had the chance to meet again with those who I love. This is a quiet place to remember a firm glance, a conspirator smile, laughter outbursted and even a gorgeous roommate’s whispering.

This place gave me the possibility to exorcise my beloved country. It’s hope’s gift to know as Pilot Library of Medellín, works or to see through a daily hero eyes.

I’ve shared a link, I’ve drunk some beers, and I’ve gone to dinner. I’ve started-up new challenges. I’m just becoming to discover wonderful and pleasure worlds.

As reward for my faith in this cybernetic chance game, I’ve taken contact with a filmmaker hero, who has had courage enough to make reality its dreams. In the same way, he has found in this beach a “slightly obscure/literary and funny Spanish vocabulary” which is sometimes a challenge for Google translation tool.

The happiness to be able to answer to Martirio: ¿What happens when I find a soul like mine? (Perdonáme pero disculpame, but there is no link. The miracle is named, but saint doesn’t. More over, as my grandmother said: saints with balls do not exist. So this miracle has made it by a lovable Divinity).

Perhaps you are here thanks to conspirator advice, suggestive link, personal invitation, magical chance, Google bug, or because you are looking for Berger or Tornatore, or Catalan flag. Doesn’t matter how you have arrived here, you will be able to be a fellow citizen of Catalombia Republic. Thanks for your time and patience.

Special grateful to whom with a slight wink and sly arts, gave me the opportunity to know this window.

Imprímase y cumplase